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Border Battle Ride

Border Battle Ride Screen Shot

Mileage: 282 miles
Time: 5.5 hours

Description: This ride travels along the scenic Mississippi River Valley. With multiple river lakes and limestone bluffs that seemingly rise out of nowhere, there isn’t a shortage of scenery along this ride. There are also countless fun bridges to cross that offer incredible views of the river valley and both Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Best thing bout this ride: With bluffs, hills, winding roads, scenic river views, and plenty of fun and historic places to stop, you decide which state wins in this different, but fun border battle.


What else to look out for: With the popularity and curvy hills, look out for cars and other motorcycles as you ride.


Advice: This is a rather long ride with countless places to stop. So, depending on your schedule, you may want to get a hotel and plan on this being a two-day trip.