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Waterfall Ride

Waterfall SCreeenshot
Mileage; 190 miles
Time; 3.8 hours depending on stops

Directions; Start in Maggie Valley. Follow US 19 west to 441 at Cherokee. Follow US 441 south to Franklin, then US 64 / NC 28 to Highlands. Highlands to Cashiers on US 64, then loop south on 107 / 281 to see 2 more. Continue east on US 64, detour south of Brevard then onto US 276 to the Blue Ridge Parkway (3 more) Ride the Parkway to NC 215 then follow it back to US 276 and into Maggie Valley

Description; Waterfalls are abundant

Best thing about this ride; waterfalls

Advice; Several waterfalls require short walks to get the views. Allow time for multiple stops and photos. Dangerous conditions lurk around waterfalls. Visitors are killed every year. Very slippery rocks. Powerful currents. Deadly drops. These are roadside waterfalls, some which are on busy roads with blind curves and limited pull-outs. Pull out with confidence and vigor.